about me 

i always find it hard to describe whoI am and what i do. for now, i will say that, my name is Bliss. i’m a22-year-old self-taught photographer, multidimensional artist based in the southshore of Montreal. as i discover myself every day and evolve through art, irealize that the answer finds itself through my art, a documentation of lifefull of vulnerability and authenticity. a visual journal of the world and i. i capture what otherssee but dismiss, i capture what they do see and feel for. this medium alsoallows me to fully express what I'm feeling when words are often not enough orfully formed to express myself. my work is a reflection of me, a reflection ofyou. which comes with a great sense of versatility. by exploring the multiplicityof blackness there’s also an aspect of touching my inner child through my photographyand videos —exploring motion, laughs andmoments with others in their purest formoften filled with lightheartedness and admiration. fusing past and present into motion. using warm tones, pure intentions and adding that nostalgic feel thatwill make you feel good. i often take my dailylife as subject matter and strive to find poetic meaning in my every day — inmedia res. i explore a lot which makes it hard todescribe it with set words.

i am creating a world that simply reflects my name and where play is serious matter. 

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